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“Subway Line Meets an Obstruction: Beverly Hills High School”

July 15, 2012

By ADAM NAGOURNEY, The New York Times

“The Subway to the Sea, a train that would tunnel more than 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean, has encountered no shortage of obstacles over the years: from how to pay for it to skepticism about a huge mass transit project in a region that once ripped out trolley car tracks to make way for automobiles.

Now, a new impediment has stepped onto the tracks: Beverly Hills High School.

Beverly Hills has gone to court to block the proposed subway line from burrowing under a high school celebrated for its roster of famous graduates and its ZIP code. Beverly Hills contends that the tunnel poses a safety threat to students — the high school is built on a still-active oil field and is near an earthquake fault — and would interfere with the school district’s plan to spend close to $120 million on renovating the building and the campus.”

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