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“Citizens’ Group Forms to Support County Hospital Outpatient Project : Health: Organizers claim a private facility has misled the public in efforts to stop the new wing”

November 23, 1995


“A Ventura County citizens’ group has formed to combat a campaign to block construction of a new outpatient wing at the county hospital.

The primary goal of the group, which says it has 40 members from across the county, is to counter what it calls misleading statements by administrators of Community Memorial Hospital about the proposed $51-million project at the Ventura County Medical Center, organizers said. The group maintains the private health facility sees the county project as a threat to its business.

“They’ve been telling the big lie about everything,” said Patricia Weinberger, head of a group called SMART, which stands for Saving Money as Responsible Taxpayers.

Community Memorial Hospital officials maintain the public hospital project will plunge the county deeper into debt and ultimately be used to lure private patients away from other hospitals.”

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