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“Could Expo Phase II Work Be “Undone” if Westsiders Win Appeal?”

Wednesday, September 28, 2011, by Neal Broverman

A group of Westside homeowners calling themselves Neighbors for Smart Rail aren’t giving up on their dream of stopping the Expo Line to Santa Monica. The group initially sued the Expo Construction Authority last year, saying the train would impede traffic, reduce air quality, and threaten their children (homeowners had front yard signs that read “Kids and Trains Don’t Mix,” though many have recently been removed). In their suit, the homeowners argued that the traffic figures in Expo’s environmental impact report are flawed, but a judge said the EIR was fine and the suit was tossed in February. The group moved to appeal, but Expo began work on Phase II (from Culver City to Santa Monica) with a formal groundbreaking earlier this month.

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