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“The Misunderstood Science Behind Fears That a Subway Tunnel Could Blow Up Beverly Hills High School”

June 15, 2012

By Nate Berg


“At the end of May, the Metro board approved the alignment under Beverly Hills High by a vote of 7 to 2. Beverly Hills Unified School District promptly filed a lawsuit claiming that Metro violated the California Environmental Quality Act in choosing that alignment.

The evidence seems to suggest that Metro’s chosen location can be built safely, and that tunneling underneath Beverly Hills High won’t cause a kid-killing explosion. The school district is hoping that its lawsuit will raise enough questions about that evidence to call for more study. Jones doesn’t think it’s needed. It will be up to the Superior Court in Los Angeles County to determine whether Metro’s studies are indeed correct or if Beverly Hills has a point about the reliability of the findings. At the very least, the lawsuit has added another delay to the process of bringing a subway through Beverly Hills to West L.A. In the end, that may be the whole point.”

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