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“USC Sues Conquest Housing; Terrorist Reference Ups the Ante”

September 4, 2007

By jwilliams

“In a startling, yet not entirely unexpected move, USC and developer Urban Partners have joined forces to sue the proverbial pants off of Conquest Student Housing. In an email we received earlier today, the case against Conquest was laid out quite succinctly: “Today, USC and Urban Partners filed a lawsuit against Conquest Student Housing, a USC-area student housing developer, for alleged conspiracy to monopolize student housing by stifling competition in the area. The lawsuit alleges a campaign by Conquest — the self-described “Al-Qaeda” of USC student housing — of racketeering, extortion and fraud against USC and multiple housing developers that have pursued projects in the USC area.” The lawsuit has been brewing for awhile now but seems to have reached a boiling point following Conquest’s crazy attempts to block the University Gateway project, which even put Jack Weiss (CD5) in a foamy lather we rarely get to see. The lawsuit against Conquest was filed in US District Court, Central District today.”

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