“How About California Exempt Bike Lanes From the Long Environmental Review Process?”

Friday, August 3, 2012, by James Brasuell

California Environmental Quality Act exemptions are all the rage these days–the state’s legislators are working on a bill now that would grant CEQA exemptions to bike lane projects. The LADOT Bike Blog explains that AB 2245, otherwise known by the incredibly sexy title “Environmental quality: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA): exemption: bikeways,” would allow cities to undertake Class II bikeway projects (i.e., bike lanes) without filing an environmental impact report (an EIR is currently a requirement of CEQA for such projects and it’s a pretty involved process). If the law goes into effect, it would presumably make the process of building out the two big bike plans in the works right now in Los Angeles–one by the city and another by the county–a lot easier.

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