“Finally, momentum to reform regulations, help economy”

August 15, 2012

By UT San Diego Editorial Board

“Slowly but surely, it’s dawning on at least some powerful California Democrats that one of their most treasured narratives is wrong. Perhaps it took something as cataclysmic as three straight years with unemployment higher than 10 percent, but some are finally done asserting that heavy regulations don’t hurt job growth and the economy.

On July 12, the U-T San Diego opinion page featured a column jointly written by three former governors – Democrat Gray Davis and Republicans George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson – that called for fixing the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the far-reaching 1970 law that has long been used as a tool to extract payoffs or to advance unrelated political causes.

The three governors said it was “time to end reckless abuses of this important law” to help the economy and create jobs. “Ending these abuses means modernizing CEQA with smart reforms such as requiring petitioners to disclose their economic interests, adding certainty to the CEQA timeline, avoiding duplicative CEQA reviews [and] lessening opportunities for litigation and delays,” Davis, Deukmejian and Wilson wrote.”

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