“Editorial: What price will Pérez pay for his pet causes?”

August 16, 2012

By The Sacramento Bee

“This session, Pérez is pushing legislation to amend state tax law in a way that would raise an additional $1 billion yearly from out-of-state corporations, with the proceeds going toward college scholarships for families making less than $150,000 annually. That’s a more meritorious cause than meddling in municipal incorporation. But it still is problematic, given that the state continues to face budget deficits and should be dedicating all additional revenue to maintaining existing services and entitlements.

The biggest problem with Pérez’s legislation, Assembly Bills 1500 and 1501, is the price he may end up paying to get them passed.

Bill language has been floated to amend the California Environmental Quality Act in a significant way, with little debate as the Legislature enters it final weeks. And though Pérez has said he will not support this CEQA reform trial balloon, he was able to get one Republican – Assemblyman Brian Nestande of Palm Desert – to vote for his scholarship bills, helping it pass the Assembly. Nestande has said, in the wake of the vote, he expects Pérez will follow through on plans to overhaul CEQA. Perez confirmed Wednesday he is interested in “regulatory reforms,” but denied suggestions he was trading CEQA reforms for votes.”