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“Unions manipulate city leaders with CEQA threats”

October 10,2012

By Eric Christen, executive director of the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction


“In San Diego, the city’s civic leaders regard union CEQA abuse as a customary part of doing business. Instead of exposing it and shaming the perpetrators, they say nothing publicly and surrender to it privately. Then they pass the costs to the taxpayers and consumers.

A new, outrageous example surfaced on Sept. 19 at the meeting of the commissioners of the Port of San Diego. Commissioners were scheduled to approve the project’s 1,400-page final environmental impact report. The San Diego region’s top civic leaders, including the mayor of San Diego, packed that meeting room.

In front of everyone, union officials shamelessly dumped hundreds of pages of environmental objections on Port commissioners. They declared that the environmental report that the commissioners were about to approve was inadequate and incomplete under CEQA.”

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