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“USC Sues Conquest Housing; Terrorist Reference Ups the Ante”

September 4, 2007 By jwilliams “In a startling, yet not entirely unexpected move, USC and developer Urban Partners have joined forces to sue the proverbial pants off of Conquest Student Housing. In an email we received earlier today, the case against Conquest was laid out quite succinctly: “Today, USC and Urban Partners filed a lawsuit against … Continue reading

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“Firms turning to environmental law to combat rivals”

November 14, 2011 By Nicholas Riccardi, Los Angeles Times “To halt a competing project near USC, Conquest Student Housing turned to a legal weapon that one of its co-owners allegedly compared to a crude bomb: cheap and destructive. Conquest owned 17 buildings that rented to USC students. When the developer Urban Partners proposed erecting a new … Continue reading

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“Lawsuit Filed Over Hollywood Emerson College Project”

September 28, 2010 by Dakota Smith, Curbed “Wow, all those Hollywood development lawsuits really are keeping local attorneys busy. After a satellite campus for Boston-based Emerson College was approved by the City Council last month, East West Studios, which had some issues with the project going up, had about 30 days to legally challenge the decision. And … Continue reading