Case Studies & Examples / Etc.

“Unions manipulate city leaders with CEQA threats”

October 10,2012 By Eric Christen, executive director of the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction …. “In San Diego, the city’s civic leaders regard union CEQA abuse as a customary part of doing business. Instead of exposing it and shaming the perpetrators, they say nothing publicly and surrender to it privately. Then they pass the costs … Continue reading

Case Studies & Examples / News

“Editorial: More changes to CEQA? Only if vetted in the open”

August 5, 2012 The Sacramento Bee “Gov. Jerry Brown has again raised the possibility of changes to the California Environmental Quality Act. That’s the sweeping 1970 state law that requires public and private developers to analyze the impacts of their projects, study alternatives and implement mitigation measures. CEQA is a powerful legal tool, and like the legal … Continue reading

Case Studies & Examples / Healthcare

“Providence Holy Cross Hospital Expansion Lawsuits Settled”

April 20, 2009 SEIU “After a long dispute, SEIU UHW and Community Advocates for Responsible Care (CARE) have settled their lawsuits against Providence Holy Cross Hospital’s expansion in the San Fernando Valley on Friday, April 17. The impact of the economic crisis on the region was a key factor in the coalition’s decision to conclude … Continue reading

Case Studies & Examples / Healthcare

“Panel asked to reconsider hospital plan”

September 30, 2008 By David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times “A judge has issued a tentative ruling calling for the Los Angeles City Council to reconsider its decision allowing a San Fernando Valley hospital to expand, handing a victory to the union activists and neighborhood groups that had criticized the project. Superior Court Judge Thomas McKnew said the … Continue reading

Case Studies & Examples / Renewable Energy

“Labor coalition’s tactics on renewable energy projects are criticized”

February 5, 2011 By Marc Lifsher, Los Angeles Times “Three California unions are accusing a rival labor coalition of using “shameful” tactics to win exclusive contracts for building renewable power plants — tactics they said delay new jobs and add to each project’s costs. Unions representing carpenters, laborers and operating engineers criticized California Unions for Reliable … Continue reading